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Your purchase includes a contribution to the Bruckner Society of America. Your contribution, and the support of others, will allow the Society to move forward with several of the projects that have been approved by its Board of Directors.


          It will allow us to continue to recognize individuals who have devoted much of their career to a better understanding and appreciation of the life and work of Anton Bruckner.


          It allow us to move forward with plans to publish a new guide to the different editions and versions of Bruckner’s symphonies.


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If you live in the United States, your contribution is tax deductible, less the cost of the item you received in return. For CDs, deduct $8.00; for a book, deduct $20.00.

Membership in the Society also includes a complimentary subscription to digital issues of The Bruckner Journal.

For 2023, copies can be obtained at:

Username: geburthausPassword: 1824Ansfelden

PLEASE NOTE: membership in the Society renews on a per annum basis, regardless of the month payment is made. It is the responsibility of the member to renew each year - no reminders will be sent. However, notice of the final issue of the complimentary Journal sent in November each year will serve as notice that membserhip for the year is coming to an end.


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