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Anton Bruckner: Eleven Symphonies

A new book by William Carragan

Red Book

William Carragan's long-awaited book on Bruckner's Eleven Symphonies IS NOW AVAILABLE. The hardcover book has been published under the auspices of the Bruckner Society of America.

"Up to this day the various scores have attracted strong partisanship among both conductors and enthusiasts, even though in all that time there has not been a general guide to the differences among them. As a result, the Bruckner Society of America is announcing the publication of Anton Bruckner, Eleven Symphonies, called the Bruckner Red Book, which is intended as a response to that need. In it the individual revision histories of each symphony, the overture, and the quartet and quintet are discussed in detail, and musical examples are provided which show the distinctions being described. In addition the innovative use in every example of quick recognition codes leading to on-line audio tracks makes the musical content open to those who do not read music."

- William Carragan

The book is published in a limited edition in support of the Society. Costing $50.00, purchase of the book also includes a one year membership in the Bruckner Society of America. Signed copies are also available for $100.00. Overseas patrons will cost extra due to international postage expense.

More information via William Carragan's website.